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We thought it would be nice to remember our day through a printed book of messages from well wishing friends. If you would like to have your entry in this special book of ours, post your message below.

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Delia Chilabade
Oh woooow this is beautiful!!!! Wishing you guys all the best as you take on this beautiful step. May God ALWAYS be the head of your family, guiding you both in each and every aspect of it. Congratulations you guys, may you live happily ever after!!!! xx

Funsho Kolawole
I have know Patrick for a year plus, he is full of life and a friendly person, I know you will be a good husband to your lovely wife and I wish you both a happy married life.

Isaac Banda
There comes a time when a man ought to leave his parents and live with his wife as one fresh until death separate them. By God's grace, that time has come for you Patrick and Monica and I believe you are both excited about this more than I am. Your relationship has been amazing. Your love for each other has been fantastic. This is provable by just looking at the number of years you have been dating.
Let me end my comment by saying this, marriage exist to glorify God. Therefore enjoy each day you will be together; honour and give God all the praise for bringing you together. May God bless your wedding and your marriage. I can't wait to see Monica in her beautiful veil and Patrick in his dope suit exchanging vows.

Its really great to see you together and i wish you all the very best in life as you join hands to become one! God bless you and your families!

Francis Muwalo
Congrats guys. This had to happen no matter what. God Bless you.

Congratulations to you PatKay and Monica. All the best in all the preparations. waiting for the BIG day.

Bright Munthali
I and my wife look forward to this memorable day of your lives. We pray that God showers you with great marital blessings and we wish you happy married life. The journey has been long but that was just the beginning, many happier days are ahead.....(tikutero ife a my Congratulation in order and successful final preps, Enjoy everything....

Edmond Kachale
do {
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love() && cherish();
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H. Abdulwahab
Monica and Patrick am happy for you guys and I wish you both the best life has to offer. One of the line to terrorize Patrick was ......"We will call Monica and tell her what you just did ".......... Monica thank you for accepting this old Uncle Pkay. Wishing you guy happy married life and happiness in many more years to come.

Elvine Nkhata
All the best to you Patrick and Monica as you are about to tie the knots very soon. One wish of mine is that when you tie the knots the lords presence should not depart in your house but rather should continue to guide u so that you become the best man and Monica the best woman ever in the world. Let God help you both to make the best that you can with him by your side. I really wish you well enjoy and let God lead you. Only a faithful man and trustworthy is respected by so many people in the world and honored by God but a foolish man who does not remain faithful and bound to his wife becomes a story of the town with no respect from people that surround him, he becomes a disgrace not worthy to be respected. All I can say as you are a smart man remain smart to your wife let people envy you and you will be honored by God and your situations of life will be handled by God because he honors those who honor him. All the best monica be the best woman you can be

Jean Phillipo

Patrice Ndambomve
The Bible says:" He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from God". It is my privilege to wish you the very best in your future life together as husband and wife. You have found your missing rib in each other. May The Lord God Almighty who brought you together continue to manifest his glory in your mariage. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Chirwa
This is simply amazing; such a fairy tale. Wishing you the best in life.

Robert Msuku
May the bloom of God’s blessings colour your wedding with fruitfulness and conjugal peace. Happy Wedlock

Chipiliro Chonzi
I feel like crying because I will miss your big day guys - a day that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Pat, who's my twin (born a few hours before me) has been such a great friend and brother since we met in 1997. Monica you are such a lucky lady to have Patrick for a husband. And I know Patrick is also a lucky man to have you as a wife, he's told me lots about you. You are a perfect match. Enjoy your big day (silidzabweranso) but most of all have a blessed marriage, make God your number 1 friend always. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share! All the best. God bless! Love you lots!

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Symon Mtonga

Congratulations Patric and Monica,May His abundant blessings be upon you infinitely . 1671


Wow! finally, the long awaited day wishing u all the best as and may the Lord be with you through out all the time you are preparing for this big day. . 1652

Zindaba Dunduzu Chisiza

Dear Patrick (neba) and Monica, congratulations on this feat! Wishing you God's many wonderful blessing as you take these final steps towards a glorious and sacred union. I celebrate with you both and can't wait for the 24th! Ndakunyadilani! Best . 1643


1 year, 1 day after..............yaaay!. 1632

Mphasa Christina

Almighty God Bless your family. Congratulations ife tinakunyadilani.. 1614

Walu G

Congrats guys!! Can't believe am gona miss this mayne. Wish y'all all the best. God bless!!. 1606

Christopher Kalamula

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary, may the Good Lord continue blessing you. 1605

Kola Babalola

Hi Patrick, Congratulations to you and your new wife. Best wishes for your married life!. 1596