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Best Wish Messages

We thought it would be nice to remember our day through a printed book of messages from well wishing friends. If you would like to have your entry in this special book of ours, post your message below.

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Wow! finally, the long awaited day wishing u all the best as and may the Lord be with you through out all the time you are preparing for this big day.

Justin Kandulu
all the best guys, just waiting for the BIG DAY

Evance Chisasula
All the best guys! I like this combination...IT specialists, beautiful indeed! A long journey of love is about to yield something very big and beautiful...Honestly it's not easy in this age and time to remain in love and committed to ech other for such a long tym as you guys have done...I call it a rare romantic scenario. Congrats!

Brown Msiska
All the best. It is marvelous to see an enduring love culminate into a wedding and marriage so beautiful. Congrats!

Al Chinombo
All the best today, tomorrow and forever...

Humphrey Sulani
Congrats Patkay & Monica. Wish you the best luck as u take another step in your life.

Munasonic Motion
Congrats Pat K & Monica. Wish u all the best pple. It has been "A long walk to freedom".

Obaro Odiete
Big Congrats Patrick (aka Whizpa). I wish you a very successful marriage with Monica.

Nellie Chagona
Brother Lito & Molly Monic, you have really come a long to reach this far, and we in patience, have been waiting to witness this great and memorable day, thats why there is no better word to describe our joy within than to pray that, 'Let this be the most beautiful day in your lives and may the blessing of peace, joy, love, and prosperity from above fill your marriage thereafter as you always put God Almighty first in your endeavours and allow the Holy Ghost to be the only counsellor in your marriage. In Jesus Name. Lots of love

Esther Ng'ong'ola
Patrick and Monica,

I wish you all the best on your day and wonderful moments for the rest of your lives. Remember, God loved the Church first and so she in love, submitted to His love. Let this be in your hearts. May the good Lord bless your marriage and keep tied ti each other for the rest of the days.

Bridget Nyirongo

Eunice Kalamula
my dear mlamu and sister in marriage to be all the best and may the almighty God be with you

Nelson Dzupire
Congrats guys...It has been a long journey and finally it is happening. Wish you a happy married life thereafter.

Chris Kalamula
Brother and in law to be. let the upcoming event and ceremony be memorable and a blessing as gou start your new wedlock life.
My advise to you is that you understand each other and believe in tbe Almighty always.

Walu G
Congrats guys!! Can't believe am gona miss this mayne. Wish y'all all the best. God bless!!

Most Liked Messages

Mphasa Christina

Almighty God Bless your family. Congratulations ife tinakunyadilani.. 1105


Congrats P-Kay and Molly.. Enjoy ur new life... 1040


Patrick and monica we are waiting for the weding pics coz u said they will be in soon after the wedding . 1040

Kola Babalola

Hi Patrick, Congratulations to you and your new wife. Best wishes for your married life!. 1015


1 year, 1 day after..............yaaay!. 1000

Loraine (anyampo)

All the best on ur big day today.. 985

Lusungu Chisesa (lsng)

Boss congrats... rare moments... once in a life time... Welcome to the club.... 929

Waki Chungwa

Patrick & Monica, I will you all the best during your wedding and a happy life thereafter. Mwachoka kutali and you have led by example guys as its not easy to stay in along relationship like yours. Infact you were married 10 years ago and koma abusa amachedwa kudalitsa kkkkk. 924